Bloom Salt Scrub

Bloom Salt Scrub




The full bloom salt scrub is an exfoliating, hydrating, garden scrub packed with vitamin-c and plant infusions. Blooming with petals of pure garden magic for exfoliation, the full bloom scrub is intended to leave the skin glowing and nourished. The bloom scrub flowers were harvested from the garden in the peak of growing season, gracefully infused into oil, and blended into this sweet scrub. With the aromas of rose, lavender, citrus, and tulsi flowers, the bloom scrub brings in the vibrancy of blooming, of releasing. Although this is such a summery treat, the rosemary cranks up the heat in this blend and supports circulation, the lavender aids in a calm mind, and the rose opens the heart space. You are magic. You are BLOOMING.


Ingredients : rose blossoms, lavender flowers,rosemary leaves, orange peels, pure Epsom salt, Jojoba oil  and essential oils of lavender and tulsi. 


To use apply to desired area, gently exfoliate and rinse with warm water. Smile and admire your glowing skin.


The bloom scrub is 100% organic and handmade by an herbalist.


** Please note the labeling has changed- but it is still the same glorious product